Cabo San Lucas Marine Preserve

Located only ten minutes away from the downtown Cabo San Lucas Marina by boat, the government protected Cabo San Lucas Marine Preserve offers some excellent dive sites for beginners and advanced divers alike. The Preserve's proximity to Cabo San Lucas allows vacationers to participate in a half day scuba diving excursion. An abbreviated tour is perfect for new divers, cruise ship passengers on a stopover, or for vacationers on a budget. Anegada, Pelican Rock, the North Wall, the South Wall, Neptune's Finger, the Sea Lion Colony, the iconic Arch, Lover's Beach and Land's End are all located within the boundaries of this government-protected marine sanctuary.

The Cabo San Lucas Marine Preserve offers a variety of remarkable undersea attractions as well as an astounding array of marine species. Sandy sea bottoms, large boulders, challenging walls, deep canyons, the Sand Falls, and even a shipwreck await Scuba Divers. Both soft and hard corals including sea fans and gorgonians can be found in this area. Moray Eels, Yellowfin Tuna, Bonito, Sponges, Groupers, Barracudas, Sharks, Giant Manta Rays, Eagle Rays, Marine Turtles, Crustaceans, Sea Bass, Jacks, Sardines, Sea Lions, and even occasional Whale Sharks. Divers can explore depths of twenty feet to the challenging depths of one hundred and thirty feet. Pelican Rock is also a great site for Cabo visitors to night dive while observing Giant Manta Rays feed.