The Golden Corridor

The Golden Corridor is the stretch of coastline that extends north from downtown Cabo San Lucas to San Jose del Cabo. This massive swath of shoreline is home to luxury resorts as well as many pristine coves full of marine life. Santa Maria Cove and Chileno Bay, two government-protected sanctuaries, are two of the best examples of these coves. Due to their sheltered geography, the visibility in the water of these coves is excellent.

Bahia Chileno's finger reef extends one half mile from the sandy shoreline, descending to around seventy-foot depths. This coral garden shelters scores of exotic fish, Sea Turtles, Octopi, and Morays. Invertebrates like Starfish, Sea Urchins, Sea Fans, and Sponges proliferate. Santa Maria Cove has a pristine beach and waters that reach sixty feet in depth.

If you dive the Golden Corridor, you do not want to miss the spectacular Blow Hole, named for the explosive spray of water that explodes from an underwater cavern when the waves become active. With rocky caverns, large boulders, and mysterious tunnels, the Blow Hole has some unique undersea geography. Plenty of sea creatures dwell in the rocky crevasses of this area. Skilled divers will be pleased to challenge depths of sixty to one hundred feet.